A T-shirts Story

by Mr Four Fingers on May 7, 2013

Oor Wullie t-shirt

When visiting my Dad last year in South Africa I went to the storage room and pulled down some of my dusty storage boxes to rummage and reminisce. Inside the clutter I found two t-shirts, both of which had belonged to my dad. It got me thinking that It would be nice to know of other t-shirts (or other garments) that people have and their history.

Here are a few I have so far.

A Double Scottish Serving

So I might as well start with my first two t-shirts. This first white tee is blady tiny! I stress this as it was something my dad wore and I feel time and tumble driers have shrunk this to a kids size, literally… I think my dad used to wear it as a vest when he went off road scrambling on his massive two wheeled beast. The t-shirt design is a character called Oor Wullie from an old Scottish Comic strip. This lad was one cheeky bugger and so was Oor Wullie (badum tish). This tee is anywhere between 25-30 years old.

The second is  the Scottish 1986 World Cup Football strip. I guess that in itself is relatively historical.

1_Old-t-shirt_3 1_Old-t-shirt_41_Old-t-shirt_1 1_Old-t-shirt_2


Half Life and T-shirt Cushions

These next  t-shirts are from Ben. The first one is a signed Half Life logo t-shirt that was sent to Ben personally from Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve, the creators of the game Half Life. I find it ironic that this is a ‘Half Life’ logo t-shirt, that is actually about 7 years old. The next set of t-shirts have been reborn as cushions created by Ben’s mother. I’m sure you will agree with me when I say how unusual they are and cool at the same time.


Ben_t-shirt_2 Ben_t-shirt_1


Rob Zombie Tour T-shirt

Dee La Beau (DEEHYA) brings this aged rock t-shirt to the table, a t-shirt that her ex boyfriend bought on the 1995 Rob Zombie tour. Dee now has this t-shirt, a sentimental reminder of the good times and because it’s damn comfortable. Dee rocks tees like no other!

Dee_1 Dee_2


The Trusty Denim Jacket

Trust Leah to trump the rest of us with regards to her jacket being old, very old actually. This Wrangler denim jacket was bought by Leah’s mom as a teenager in 1979. From that day forward it was worn religiously; so religiously in fact that she even wore it to church, much to the ire of her father. This infamous denim jacket took on a double life in later years when her mom met her father to be as they soon shared this jacket between them. Years later at her parents marriage, the confetti had barely settled and her mom was already wearing this jacket. Class! Leah owns it now so who knows where it will be next.


Leah_t-shirt_2 Leah_t-shirt_3


I will be creating more of these posts so if you the HYA reader are keen to share then send me some pics and info to doug@mrfourfingers.com. Do it.


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