Impressive new #TokyoTribes SS2013 Collection from Project A Apparel

by Andy on May 10, 2013

You can generally tell how much I like a collection by the amount of pictures that I share of it, sometimes if it’s a big release from a brand I might skip one or two of the items just for the sake of brevity, but in the case of this #TokyoTribes collection from Project A Apparel I’ve included every item, if not all of the many, many lookbook photos the are available. Here’s what Project A have to say about the collection:

Project A Apparel are back with their first drop from their SS 2013 line, this time taking a trip to the far east with #tokyotribes. The first release from the collection focuses on the brand’s experiences and influences from Japan, taking in imagery from classic anime movies , Bosozuku biker gangs and video games. Featuring graphic tshirts, sweatshirts, a zip up hoody, hats as well as their very first illustrated oxford shirt. The new collection showcases two guest collaborators, Dublin artist Morgan who worked on the Lucky Pussy tee and patch graphics and world renowned Irish godfather of graffiti, Rask.

The collection was actually released on May 1st, but as I was away I’m sure you’ll forgive me for being a bit tardy with this one.

  • Joseph

    Cool stuff here. Very different from the norm. To rich for my blood but I’m sure its worth it

  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    Yeah, it’s hard for us Europeans to compete on price with American companies.

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