Bluu Dreams go deep with their Diver’s League Collection

by Andy on May 11, 2013

Bluu Dreams are a contributor on HYA, which means that this post is biased, there’s no way of getting around it, I like Andy the owner and I like his brand, but then again I like a lot of the people that I write about so it’s not really a big issue.

This is Bluu Dreams first release of 2013 and it brings us a baseball-theme mixed with an aquatic twist based on a a couple of fictional teams called the ‘Pelicans’ and Running Divers’. It’s funny, as someone from the UK where baseball isn’t popular at all I’m having a hard time connecting with some of these designs, but then there’s the logo for the Pelicans which has obviously drawn a lot of inspiration from the Phillies logo that I recognise and suddenly I like that design. When you make sports based designs having some kind of familiarity is always going to help. The design work is really solid across the boaes, the Pelicans logo looks like a legit organisation and I’m sure it will fool some people into thinking they’re a minor league team, but the Running Divers design has a bit more attraction to those of us that aren’t too into baseball since it’s a fun illustration that you can immediately understand with no back story. It would be cool to see the Running Divers mascot used in other products, maybe adding some more colour to the design, too.

Price wise things are where you’d expect, $25 for the tee, $40 for a raglan, and $60 for the team jersey since they’re a bit more of a specialised item.

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