What’s new at the daily sites for May 13th?

by Andy on May 13, 2013

Is this ‘Hello Catbus’ at TeeFury?

One for the Minecraft fans at Shirt.Woot.

Pretty cool Transformers concept at RIPT.

Great artwork at DBH.

Qwertee have a design we’ve seen before and will see again.

Solid at Shirt Punch as usual, I take it that crest design is something to do with Pokemon?

The Yetee also have something to do with Pokemon that I don’t understand.

Pretty cool at Nowhere Bad, and just to be clear, the weird background is to show that it’s available on red or grey blanks.

OtherTees have a design we’ve seen before from geekchic, but I think this is a different colourway.

How did I miss the story of a hippo eating a man alive AND him surviving to tell the tale? Made in the Now do find some interesting inspiration!

Not bad at Tee Busters.

It’s not great but it’s fairly fun at 6dollarshirts.

I can dig it at Another Fine Tee.

We’ve seen this Doctor Who design before right? It’s at Epic Embrace now.

Gimmick Tees have been watching Doctor Who and the cult classic horror film Re-Animator.

TeeVolt have a design I think we’ve seen before.

I wonder how Harley Davidson would feel if they saw this tee at Unamee.

This is a bit of fun at Captain KYSO.

I get the feeling that this Limiteed design is inspired by something else, has this image been part of an episode or promo materials?

Blipshift have a design that I don’t really understand but I think I know what they mean.

Fresh Brewed Tee have picked up a design by inkOne this week.

Pampling have a design that makes me wonder why they would build this at a theme park for cheese.

I added these new camera straps by LunaViz to Rigu.

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