Check out the gorgeous new French brand Follow Your Bliss

by Andy on May 17, 2013

Being a Brit it’s traditional for me to make fun of French people, and for them to do the same to us, it’s one of those friendly rivalries that used to mean something but now it’s just a bit of fun, just like Brits and Germans, Brits and Australians, Brits and Americans, and well, you get the idea. But there’s nothing I can think of making a joke out of with Follow Your Bliss, a new French brand that has based itself upon the philosophy of American writer Joseph Campbell. Usually I would mock any brand for claiming to have a philosophy, it’s one of those things that brands usually say to fill space on their about page, but in this case I actually believe it and find it to be an interesting idea to base the core of a brand around.

Tees are €29,90 each which is pushing a bit but we all have to remember that this stuff just costs more in Europe, and they are using green printing methods (though I can’t elaborate on the actual process) which I presume would push the price up a bit.

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