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by Andy on May 17, 2013

Druu Clothing have got in touch with me a few times and it has taken me an almost-rude amount of time to get back to them, HYA gets a lot of e-mail and whilst I want to reply to everyone and cover everything, it is usually just not feasible. Here’s their blurb:

From urban origins, the indie label Druu has attracted the talents of various street artists from all over the U.K. and U.S. to share their work with the emerging brand. With much of DRUU’s influence coming from the skate/street art scene the brand has already amassed a significant following from its recent launch in 2013.

Producing all original designs on high quality materials DRUU has firmly established itself in the indie sector. And with a growing portfolio of underground and street artists contributing to the cause, the continuing influence of the brand looks certain to continue on both sides of the Atlantic.

On the whole, I like what I see, but I wish that the pop culture designs weren’t there. Even though I like those designs and appreciate the artwork, it would be great if they were using the talents of their designers to create original art rather than trading on the popularity of something that already exists, which could be risky in terms of copyright too, they could be told by a lawyer to stop selling them and then what happens to all those tees they’ve had printed? The original designs work better as t-shirts anyway, so fingers crossed that’s the direction that they’ll be moving in the future.

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