True Tarpan release their Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

by Andy on May 17, 2013

When we first took a look at True Tarpan I noted how professional everything looked for a first collection and how their presentation showed a level of experience beyond people who had been running for less than a week. Well, unsurprisingly, this second collection shows that same level of quality that they brought to the first, and there’s some really cool designs in the collection. One thing that stood out to me in their press release was this; “printed using a new revolutionary print technology that will ensure long lasting wear and are printed on high quality tees.” That’s got me really curious because they don’t specifically mention their printing technique, but I don’t keep my ear to the ground on these matters so maybe there is some revolutionary printing technique that’s sweeping the nation, who knows?

Price wise they are keeping things fair at £19.99 for a tee including free UK shipping (something I feel that they should make a bigger deal of on the website).

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