“Hope for Life Without Nukes” t-shirt by Publik

by Andy on May 23, 2013

When I saw this new tee from Publik I presumed that this was a famous phrase, but my research/1 minute of Googling suggests otherwise. I had also presumed that it meant nuclear weapons, which I’d be totally on board with, but the design actually references nuclear power plants, which makes me a bit more uneasy. I can see how for a Japanese person the idea of not having nuclear power plants is attractive at the moment, but what does it get replaced with? The most obvious answer is coal, a fuel that definitely causes premature deaths due to emissions (120,000 a year in India alone, and 18,000 in the EU where we have stricter emissions regulations), I suppose there is also gas and renewable sources but I don’t know how feasible those are in Japan. The choice you’re looking at is guaranteed deaths by coal or potential risk of accidents and future storage issues with nuclear; think about Fukushima, that’s regarded as a disaster because the biggest tsunami and earthquake that Japan had seen in many, many years managed to damage one nuclear power plant, and it wasn’t even a new design of power plant.

Dammit, got on my soap box for a second there, I know that you guys don’t come to HYA to listen to my not particularly well informed views on energy policy in Japan. Still, it’s a bloody nice shirt if I can just think about it in terms of weapons.

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