Say hello to Scared Til Death

by Andy on May 26, 2013

Scared Til Death have really impressed me with this ‘Winter’ (they’re Australian) collection of tees crew necks and hoodies (there’s more available but I thought seven pictures was enough), though the price is a bit off-putting to a European spoiled by all the free samples that I’ve received over the past few years, at AUD$60 for a tee which equates to pretty much USD$60 these days. It’s a lot for a t-shirt, but knowing the Australian market I would expect that they aren’t actually making a large markup on that, t-shirts simply cost more in Australia to the point where it has the unfortunate consequence of pricing out most customers from outside the country, especially if you add on the postage charges ($24 to the US for a tee, $28 to the UK). Honestly, it’s just too much and it’s something that I can’t ignore, which is a real pity.

Scared Til Death

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