Take a peek at Lift the Veil

by Andy on May 27, 2013

Generally, I tend not to look at trends and what is popular, but looking at these designs from Lift the Veil I can’t help but notice that they’re a lot like what I see a lot of young people wearing these days, except that they seem to be a bit more intelligent and have more thought behind the designs than the standard ‘massive print with writing on it’ design that you see on the high street. That’s a combo I like, I’d love to see ‘lads’ out on a Saturday wearing a Nikola Tesla t-shirt in a beer garden, it would make me feel like humanity still has some hope even if the wearer wasn’t all that aware of just what Tesla did for science. Really wearable style this, can you honestly say that you’d be against wearing any of those tees up there?

Price wise they aren’t the cheapest at £34.99, but that does at least include shipping which isn’t exactly an insignificant cost to a brand these days after the Royal Mail price rises in April.

Lift the Veil

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