Abnormali – Dance on the boundries [Submitted]

by Andy on May 28, 2013

Abnormali is who we are. Just as every person is unique, and the way he/she experiences life is unique: Abnormali strives to reproduce that experience in our shirts. We strive to make clothing appealing to anyone and everyone who delights in dancing beyond the boundaries of safety and mainstream aesthetics.

Abnormali’s mission is to put clothing out on the streets that catches the eye and stirs the imagination. Art isn’t confined to a painting or a book. It can be as simple as the shirt you wear or the face you choose to show the world. So put on your best face–be Abnormali.

Andy: Abnormali neglected to mention in this submission that they’re a Kickstarter project going for a whopping $20,000 to get funded.

You’re looking at $30 for a tee which isn’t too bad since there’s fees involved with Kickstarter and you expect the price to be a couple of dollars higher since you are trying to Kickstart a business after all. What I find odd is that you actually pay more for a shirt if you buy more of them; if you pledge for one shirt it is $30, but if you pledge $100 then you get three shirts, paying $3.33 more per shirt, I suppose that you do get a ‘PDF artbook’ with the $100 pledge which they have as a separate $20 pledge, but that’s quite a lot for a PDF. Pledging $250 nets you seven t-shirts and the artbook, presuming that the artbook actually is worth $20 then you’re still paying $32.85 per shirt, and that seems to be a bit unfair to me that you’re willing to pledge all that money and you actually get a worse deal than someone picking up a single shirt. Furthermore, pledge $500 and all you get is double the rewards of the $250 pledge level, so you’re paying the same per shirt (slightly more considering you only get the artbook once), what’s the incentive in that?

It would also be nice to know where the money is going with this project, $20,000 is a lot of money to get a t-shirt company started at an indie level. I need a reason to know why I should back this project and what you’re going to do with all that money, does it go towards funding the next collection of designs? Does it go into machinery so you can print your own tees? Kickstarter should be about openness and honesty with the backer to get a personal connection, but there’s not enough information in this pitch to persuade me to part with my cash, especially since the submitted text is mostly just PR-speak that doesn’t really mean anything to a jaded blogger like myself.

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