by Andy on May 29, 2013

Profane Clothing Launch 2013 ..Custom Series T shirts Vintage Ultra Soft

PROFANE is the clothing line behind the photography of SE7EN. Both owner and Lead photographer at Haus of Se7en. Known for its diverse style of Avante-Garde Black and White photography.

PROFANE was conceptualized with less of an in your face approach, but designed to dictate how NOT to let society tell you what to wear and how to wear it.

PROFANE has been voted the softest and best vintage feel and cut available with Custom Reverse Hand Stitching and Lifetime Warranty on all its pieces. ( if it rips, tears, gets destroyed, send it back and we will replace it for you )

. 100% Organic Vintage Soft, Pima Cotton
. Vintage Soft Feel
. Flawless Fit
. Custom Reverse Hand Stitching
. Lifetime Warranty ( Rip,Tears, or Destroyed Send Back )
. Black White Distressed Vintage Look
. Limited 1000 Piece Edition Run
. Signature Series
. Breath Easy Fabric
. Versatile For Any Activity

Andy: I’m not a prude, but I can’t think of a place where I could get away with wearing a t-shirt with the C-word on it, and I’ve walked/staggered through the Red Light District in Amsterdam at four in the morning. That said, at least they’re gung-ho with their concept and I’m sure there are people out there more ballsy than me that will wear this stuff anywhere and any time. Really interesting to see a lifetime warranty from a brand too, it’s not something that you expect in our throwaway culture and it gives me as a consumer a lot more confidence in the tees, especially when they’re getting into premium territory at $38 a piece.

  • Wes Cassady

    They offer a lifetime replacement because it is a huge PIA to get anyone at Profane to respond or even follow up on orders. I ordered a shirt 4 months ago and as of today I have still not received that shirt. Owner is extremely unprofessional as I have been called personally by him and cursed out. Customer service has also called me several names because I told them I would take my complain to social media if I did not receive the shirt I paid for. $65 is expensive enough but to shell out that kind of money and still not receive a product…ridiculous. Others have had the same complaints

  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    Ahhh, I suppose the system only works when they are willing to stand behind their product, which is a pity as it at least sounded promising.

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