New streetwear brand – Sublow [Submitted]

by Andy on May 30, 2013

We would like to introduce you to our new streetwear brand. Sublow was founded in late 2012 by two creative graduates in sunny cornwall. At sublow we design and screen print garments by hand from our studio.

We love the freedom of partying at festivals, meeting friends at the skate park and relaxing on the beach. We want this feeling to be incorporated throughout our design range.

Sustainability is key for us because we don’t like the idea of harming the environment. We are not tree hugging hippies; we just believe that doing things in an environmentally conscious and ethical way is right. All of our garments are organic and ethically produced using water based ink.

We are also committed to limiting our wastage by recycling and re-using as many materials as possible. Everything from our product labels to some of the equipment in our studio is recycled, reused or reusable.

Sublow collaborates with designers, photographers, artists and illustrators from across the world that inspire us and encompass everything Sublow stands for. These collaborations form guest designer and limited edition product ranges.

Sublow is our way of sharing our passions with the world and we invite you to come on the sublow journey with us!

Andy: I was looking at this submission and wishing that they had more designs than just this simple (but attractive) logo design since everything looks good but having a bit more range is always good for a new brand trying to establish itself. Thankfully, they do have a couple of other designs that are really nice on their site (that have nothing to do with their name or logo), so why they didn’t include them in this submission I have no idea.

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