Purple Turtle – Clothing Brand [Submitted]

by Andy on May 31, 2013

Hey, Check out the Purple Turtle clothing brand! Coming soon! Unique tee’s to express your individualism! Support and spread the world to build a fan base! Thanks!

Andy: In this day and age ‘coming soon’ means nothing unless you’re an established brand trying to hype a new item. People are going to look at this post and then forget about the brand, there are thousands of choices out there and people are rarely willing to wait for a t-shirt when they have other options that they can buy right now. Similarly, if you’re trying to gain exposure for your release it would be a good idea to have some way of collecting e-mail addresses so that you can let people know when you’re open rather than just hoping they’d come back at an unknown point in the future. Also, the logo looked really compressed which doesn’t give a good impression of the brand which is a bad point to start from, little mistakes like that can be the difference between a sale and nothing.

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