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May 2013

The Debonair 90’s hat is the 1st hat of the brand and takes inspiration straight from the 90’s. Taking the graphic style of movies such as Do the Right Thing, classic TV shows such as Martin and other pop culture from the period, the hat features a green underbill and adjustable snap giving it a true “straight out the 90’s” feel. The hat comes in 2 colorways, white/black and white/Limited Edition Aztec print. The Limited Edition version features a unique pattern brim with no to hats using the same part of the pattern so each hat is truly one of one.

Andy: I wouldn’t wear it, but then again I’m not their target market, and I’m not really sure about this whole “bringing back the 90s” trend that’s happening at the moment.


If this capybara was on YouTube it would have a billion views by now.

Costiness= From $16.99 Buy it at Sir Critter


One Thousand Shirts Behind The Scenes

by Ben_P on May 27, 2013

We recently put up One Thousand Shirts new tee for you all to check out, which I really enjoy. It’s got the right level of unique but still looking cool. I also a while back reviewed one of their tees which you can check out here. Anyway the guys behind One Thousand Shirts sent me some behind the scenes snaps of their print run so I thought I’d pop it up so you guys and gals can see a bit more of what goes into T-Shirt printing, which I’m sure a lot of you already know a fair bit about! Check out the pictures and if you ever want to have a chat with them pop over to their Facebook page!








83MM Becomes Dead Reel

by Ben_P on May 27, 2013


A few months ago I reviewed 83MM who are awesome. They’ve recently changed their name from 83MM to Dead Reel, which to me is a nicer name! So good choice guys!

Sheffield-based independent movie t-shirt line, 83mm Apparel has re-launched as Dead Reel to prepare the brand for international exposure following a successful first nine months in business. As part of the brand revamp, founder Jon Hides, who hand draws the t-shirt designs, has unveiled a slick new identity featuring a re-designed logo, website and photo gallery. Dead Reel launched as 83mm Apparel in September 2012 after graphic designer and artist, Jon couldn’t find a t-shirt line that catered for his love of classic movies. The nine-strong collection features designs based on iconic movie moments that only the true film fans would recognise, including scenes from The Shining, Batman and The Evil Dead.

They recently unveiled under their new guise at MGM’s Comic Convention, which is pretty sweet. They through some pictures up as well from the event on their Facebook page

941152_375167559260196_141060564_nDARK-KNIGHT DISTURBED-OUR-SLEEP


Take a peek at Lift the Veil

by Andy on May 27, 2013

Generally, I tend not to look at trends and what is popular, but looking at these designs from Lift the Veil I can’t help but notice that they’re a lot like what I see a lot of young people wearing these days, except that they seem to be a bit more intelligent and have more thought behind the designs than the standard ‘massive print with writing on it’ design that you see on the high street. That’s a combo I like, I’d love to see ‘lads’ out on a Saturday wearing a Nikola Tesla t-shirt in a beer garden, it would make me feel like humanity still has some hope even if the wearer wasn’t all that aware of just what Tesla did for science. Really wearable style this, can you honestly say that you’d be against wearing any of those tees up there?

Price wise they aren’t the cheapest at £34.99, but that does at least include shipping which isn’t exactly an insignificant cost to a brand these days after the Royal Mail price rises in April.

Lift the Veil


I love the simplicity of this, I’d wear it over the Summer whilst I was out grilling if I could trust myself not to ruin a white t-shirt whilst I was around a BBQ and condiments.

Costiness=AUD$40 Buy it at The Not So Friendly General Store


According to Indie Minded this tee is new at Split Reason, but it must have been a big hit because it’s already sold out in medium and large, so sorry about missing that one. Not sure I’d actually want to wear it but it’s certainly a cool concept.

Costiness=$18.95 Buy it at Split Reason


Back again hope the images are better than the last post I gave you this is our new line of Bomber Girl T-Shirts, please tell me what you think.

Andy: These designs are actually pretty cool, but they are being shown off in pretty much the worst way possible, how often do I need to tell people that good photos sell more tees? Look at the images above, two of them are at 100% and are too small for this blog post (which is 480px wide, and that’s fairly thin by modern standards), and the one which is large is so pixelated I can’t see the details of the design. Why would I buy a t-shirt online when I can barely tell what it looks like? This kind of presentation also makes me question other aspects of the brand, such as what quality the tees will be or even the levels of customer service, it’s the kind of thing that lowers my expectations for the value of the product and makes me more likely to move onto one of the thousands of other stores out there.

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Say hello to Scared Til Death

by Andy on May 26, 2013

Scared Til Death have really impressed me with this ‘Winter’ (they’re Australian) collection of tees crew necks and hoodies (there’s more available but I thought seven pictures was enough), though the price is a bit off-putting to a European spoiled by all the free samples that I’ve received over the past few years, at AUD$60 for a tee which equates to pretty much USD$60 these days. It’s a lot for a t-shirt, but knowing the Australian market I would expect that they aren’t actually making a large markup on that, t-shirts simply cost more in Australia to the point where it has the unfortunate consequence of pricing out most customers from outside the country, especially if you add on the postage charges ($24 to the US for a tee, $28 to the UK). Honestly, it’s just too much and it’s something that I can’t ignore, which is a real pity.

Scared Til Death


Really, this post should be about the top mouse tee, Mighty Mouse by Phil Smith (aka Biff), that I managed to miss posting when it was released, but I thought that since so much time had passed since I’d looked at Mighty Humble it would be a good idea to share a few of their other designs since they’re really nice and I think that they have one of the nicest logo type shirts that I’ve seen for a long, long time. The organic tees are £25 a piece, using ethically produced cotton and non-toxic inks, and their commitment to the environment even stretches as far as shipping items in biodegradable packaging.


Vaughn de Heart Spring/Summer 2013 Photo Shoot from Vaughn de Heart on Vimeo.

Solid collection from Vaughn de Heart as usual, I like the way that RoyLyn keeps things on a theme with his own style and yet still manages to release items that are different enough each season that it feels fresh, which is quite a hard balancing act to achieve.

Vaughn de Heart


Hands-on Dead Legacy Review

by DeeHYA on May 25, 2013

Well, we had some beautiful sunshine today what better day to flounce around in a totally cool tee and write a review! Last weekend I got a tee from epic company Dead Legacy! This company has a huge following, seriously huge like party of over 40,000 people on Facebook! Therefore it was an honour to do a blog for them on Hide Your Arms.

This company has branded itself as a menswear company but I love them, the quality is fabulous on this tee, when I took it out of the envelope it arrived in I was gagging to put it on. It just felt gorgeous in my hands.

I put it on for the first time today and the fit was nice, I’m a female UK size 12 with DD chest and the small gents tee was quite nice and hugged all my bestest lumpy bits.

The tee I got sent was ‘80s Kid‘, which comes in two colour combos, I got the white with the grey sleeves. I love it, can’t wait to wear it again, already planning things in my wardrobe that it would go well with. Plus I am an 80’s kid, although admittedly I don’t remember much of it!

They have a massive selection of tees too, mixture of retro, semi naked chicks, night shots, landscapes, animals. It’s well worth having a nose, at £32.99 you might think they are a tad steep in the price section, however you can’t argue with the quality. Also if you’re wanting to try them out maybe snatch a deal from their sale section.

They also sell phone covers, caps and sweat tops! Over this weekend they have 25% off their sweat tops too. I particularly like this ‘Smoking Aces‘ one which you can get for £39.99 this weekend!

To conclude! Deffo swing by the Dead Legacy site, quality is epic, designs are so varied that you’re bound to find something to suit your style and also they have so many fans that they simply must be doing something right! :D

Facebook :

Twitter : @deadlegacy1

Instagram : @deadlegacy1


Memorial weekend sale at Domestic Sanity! Save 20% store wide by entering “memorial20” starting this Friday through Monday, May 24 – 27!

Andy: Thanks for the submission.


We first took a look at Trucker Deluxe on Wednesday night and they have been kind enough to offer HYA readers 20% off everything in their store (except for sale items, which is understandable). I’ve included a few pictures above to show the kind of stuff they have in the store but it’s quite hard to impress upon you just how wide the range of brands that they stock is, name just about any streetwear company and they’ll stock something by them. Definitely worth checking out, especially since we’ve got such a good discount from them.

The coupon code is HYA20 and I don’t think that it has an expiry date, but I can’t guarantee that so if you see something you like, pick it up!


Looks like Publik are on a bit of a run, releasing two text tees in as many days, and this time around I don’t have to get on my high horse to tell them why they’re entitled to their views but are also very wrong.

Costiness = 3,000 Yen Buy it at Publik


Save 15% on all purchases the week of Memorial Day with coupon code M15DAY !! Shirtshimi fans can celebrate the right way by getting their shirts a week too late for the BBQ! At least they were cheaper.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


When Andy (the other one) wrote a hands-on review of Godmode Clothing back in February he felt that “everything that they put together was nothing less than outstanding.” From the quality of the shirt down to the video game box packaging, but these extras did come at a price.

For their latest release they have done away with the awesome packaging and created four ‘common’ tees that aren’t as rare (these are limited edition tees), and because of this they’ve dropped the price down to a very reasonable $20 for the shirt. I think it’s a good idea to have differing pricing levels in your store, some people are going to want the full package and a limited edition shirt, whereas some people just want to enjoy a design and don’t care how many other people own it.


30% off at DBH is a pretty big discount, knocking shirts down from their normal price of $22 to $15.49, nice!

Use the coupon code DBHFREEDOM to receive the discount until May 28th.


Favourites for me this week at Busted Tees at the Valyrian steel (great style to it) and the very timely Arrested Development design.


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