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June 2013

The new Stockholm based label TeeeSHIT has just launched their web shop and have an opening deal with 20% off on all tees at the moment. The current collections are illustrated by swedish artists in smaller limited editions. The t-shirts are designed in pairs, because every tee has a buddy! The unique designs are printed on soft fitted unisex 100% cotton t-shirts.

Andy: Nice, thanks for the submission.


Use the coupon code JUNE2013 to get 50% off at Vespertine Machine, but do note that code could run out so be quick if you want something.


New t-shirt brand, Oxblood & Co, have just launched their first micro range of t-shirts on Kickstarter.

They are looking for backers to help fund their new project using the increasingly popular method of crowd funding. The ‘all-or-nothing’ funding from kickstarter members is clearly a great way to gather interest and create a name for a new brand.

Their t-shirt designs are all from hand drawn artworks inspired by vintage hand lettering and typography. This project is a range of three t-shirts with a loose ‘water/sailing’ theme. On offer are two heather black tees and a white tee with some great designs. Don’t forget to check out their video, you get to see some footage of the actual designs being drawn and you see the first sample t-shirt – which looks really good.

This project has all the usual ‘rewards’ in return for your pledges. However, if you are fancy spending a little extra on something special you can get a one off t-shirt. Adam from Oxblood & Co will draw your phrase or word which will be printed onto your t-shirt.

As a fan of hand lettering i love the Oxblood & Co t-shirt project and hope it gets the backing it deserves. Go check their project page out on Kickstarter.

Andy: Very nice looking tees and the pledge levels are well priced, I’d like to see this one get funded.


It’s just a pre-order at the moment, so I guess you could say that when it’s released that this “hoodie just got real!”

I’m sorry for forcing that on everyone, I just wanted to make a reference to a movie since that seems to be all you need to do these days to be popular on the internet.

Costiness=£35 Pre-order at Dark Bunny Tees


When I look at Nicked and I think about how they’re from Hackney Wick it makes me realise that I’m not that cool, there’s kind of an ‘upper-limit’ to how cool you can be when you live in the Lake District and outside your door there are sheep instead of street art and food trucks. Still, living in the country has it’s upsides too.

There’s some really wearable shirts here and I can see what Nik means when he says that there’s a punk/hardcore influence on the designs, you can easily imagine seeing these shirts being worn by guys in the pit, especially that skeleton hand.

Pretty nicely priced at £19 too!


TeeBusters FesTEEval Sale!

by Andy on June 29, 2013

TeeBusters are having a Summer FesTEEval sale for 48 hours from June 29th-July 1st. Limited edition previous tees €5.99/$7.99/£4.99. Get 3 tees for €15.00/€19.99 or £12.49! FesTEEval tees willl be random selection of previous designs, but if you buy more than one you will not get the same tee twice. Worldwide Shipping Available on

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


I had no idea who Ashley Vee was until I saw these tees, I didn’t really know about the culture that surrounded models from the import car tuning scene. She’s hot though, so I’m not complaining that she’s in these promo photos for the latest release from Import Bible, the import car obsessed t-shirt company.

With me not being part of the import scene some of the references in the designs are lost on me, but I do recognise that the shirts look really good, and if a guy like me that’s not too bothered about bhp and drifting around corners wants to wear them that can only be a good sign.

Check out the whole collection here.

Import Bible Summer Collection 2013 feat. Ashley Vee from Import Bible on Vimeo.


Take a look at Strange Carlito

by Andy on June 28, 2013

Strange Carlito is a new brand from Australia formed by husband and wife team Anna and Bruno D’Amico, they’re influenced by art, graffiti, film music and nature with a bit of skate culture thrown in there for good measure.

They’ve got some really wearable designs, quite a lot of logo-based stuff that revolves around their weird-looking mascot, the tarsier. It’ll be interesting to see where they expand from this first range, there’s definitely a lot of potential with this brand and I like the approach of the people behind it.

As usual with tees from Australia there is a bit of a price premium simply because life and production there is more costly than in the US and here in the UK, so you’ll be laying down AUD$40.95 for a shirt. It’s a little higher than we’re used to but not to the point that it would be a big hurdle if you really liked a shirt.

{ 1 comment } just released some new Dr. Who designs that all revolve around those villainous Daleks. As you can tell, there’s quite a few random pop culture references in there, some of which seem a bit pointless, but there are some good ones too.

Shirts are $25 as usual and you can see the whole range (there’s more than I’ve shown above) on the dedicated Dalek page.


Extremely unique style of shirts from the guys at Helios Apparel. Going out in the sun makes the entire shirt turn blue, drawing on the shirt with the laser will give you a solid blue line, and drawing with the laser in the dark will give you that amazingly vibrant green glowing effect.

Andy: Fascinating concept, I do wonder how much it would actually get used beyond the novelty of a couple of test ‘prints’, but that doesn’t stop it being very cool. Nice to see something different in the industry.

{ 1 comment }

I’m really late posting this weeks designs from Sevenly, but you’ve still got a few days to pick something up, and this week $7 from each item will be going to Lettercase, a charity that helps provide information to support to parents who are expecting a baby with Down Syndrome. The other big news at Sevenly is that the guy with a long, flowing mane of hair (which I think is just tied back in the shot above) has shaved off his magnificent mustache!


Engstrom – T-shirt Review

by Mr Four Fingers on June 28, 2013

Engstrom - Third eye T-shirt

Engstrom Clothing are a new t-shirt design label from Kansas City  who have recently launched a range of t-shirts that are definitely not for shy folk. As you can see by their designs, they are big ‘n bold and most are booming with bright colour. The name of the company is derived from the name Brent Engstrom, a man with prodigious drawing talent who illustrates, amongst other things, the Garbage Pail Kid trading cards!

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Sometimes the press releases that I get from brands are awful, this isn’t one of those times and it says everything I would have done anyway, so I might as well just copy/paste it:

This Time Tomorrow is a phrase that has become a staple in our mentality. As the work week grinds to a close we find ourselves hunched over our duffel bags on a late Thursday packing our essentials for the weekend. As we scramble to find those smokies, that we know are in the fridge somewhere, our memory bank hits us with that familiar aroma of the open fire and almost immediately we begin to vividly paint a picture of where we will be at this precise moment in time tomorrow. This Time Tomorrow, we will be at the lake, posted up on the deck, feet up on that weathered plastic patio chair, beer in tow, catching the setting sun over a glassy lake with the syndicate. Doesn’t get much better.

It is this summer depiction that inspired the latest offering from Canadian based brand, Oak + Oar.

This Time Tomorrow is a collection of must-have summer time staples from strong tropical motif pocket tanks to original photo print tees depicting the view from the deck. From a cascading array of colour to muted monotone graphics, the collection has everything for the laid-back weekend out on the deck, around the fire pit or out trolling the shorelines for some small mouth bass.

The 2013 collection is proudly printed in Canada and currently available for purchase at and offers International shipping

This year we are partnering, once again, with The Masigcine Children’s Home in Mfuleni, South Africa. $1 from every purchase made this year will directly benefit the South African Children’s Home. The home currently houses 28 orphaned, abandoned, and HIV infected children between 3-months to 6-years of age.

There’s some really nice tees in this collection and it’s cool to see them making a donation to charity on every sale, it’s not a lot per tee but it does show good intentions from the brand and I’m sure that overall it will be a big help to the charity.


You may well remember me talking about the Freshly Made urban market back at the end of March, well it’s going from being a rare event to every week during the summer, bringing hip hop, graffiti, and a load of cool t-shirt companies with them.

From July 21st to September 8th they’ll be in residence in the basement of the Old Truman Brewery every Sunday. There’s a slight chance that I’ll be able to visit in early August, or maybe one of HYAs London-based blogger will get to check it out because it looks like a pretty cool event.

Freshly Made


What Katie Drew…For You [Submitted]

by Andy on June 27, 2013

WHAT KATIE DREW debut t-shirt collection

What Katie Drew is an up and coming illustrator from London who basically just loves drawing. Good at bad drawing, bad a good drawing and definitely not good at colouring inside the lines.

Here you can exclusively buy her quirky, cheeky, hand crafted illustrations on t-shirts.
There’s a special introductory price for tee’s if you’re quick and follow on facebook.

Andy: I like the designs, but the £50 price point is just too high for me. There’s a 30% off coupon via the Facebook page (valid until the end of this month) which makes things a bit more reasonable, but it’s still a lot of money for a white t-shirt with a black print on it. At that price an online store needs to do more to persuade me why I should part with that money for that t-shirt instead of moving on to another shop and I don’t feel that need is being met here. Cool designs, but unless I’m missing something here I don’t know why it costs that much.


Cheap international shipping is one of those things that only I seem to get excited about, probably because it feels as if I spend half my life waiting for packages coming from China and the US, crossing my fingers that they might scrape through customs without a charges, so when us international guys get a break with shipping charges it’s a real relief. DBH are currently offering $4 to post a shirt, which is actually less than I can pay to send one to a HYA shop customer in the UK, so it’s quite the deal. Of course you’ll still have to worry about import taxes, but it could be worse.

If you’re a big spender you can make a saving too, getting 20% off a $100+ spend with the coupon code SUMMER20, and there’s no noted expiry on that so I would assume it’s live until the leaves start to turn. Shoppers picking up a smaller order can still save 10% with the coupon code DBH10 so at least they haven’t forgotten about the little guys.


Summer 2013 by Live Fast Stay Young

by Andy on June 27, 2013

Tie-dye is one of those trends that make me realise that I am older than most of the people I write about, or possibly just not as influenced by trends, and probably just not as cool. I’ve got nothing against tie-dye shirts, I actually quite respect people that have the confidence to wear something so bright and flashy, but they’re just not for me. Impressive Summer collection from Live Fast Stay Young though, and it’s not all tie-dye so there’s plenty of stuff here to keep me happy, especially those subtle pocket tees. It’s $19.99 for a tank top, $22.99 / $23.99 for a tee, $26.99 for a pocket tee and they’re all available now.


Pocket tees and more from TSHIRT STORE

by Andy on June 27, 2013

I know they’re a little pricey to us Brits (and definitely to Americans) weighing in at €29 a piece, but as we’ve discussed before things in Sweden just cost more, and when the designs are this wearable I don’t mind paying a premium.



Review: MPISA

by VitaminSteve on June 27, 2013

Photo Jun 25, 10 39 54 PM


I was very excited to receive a tshirt from MPISA the other day. MPISA is a tshirt brand dedicated to saluting the creative arts, and the people who do them. In support of this, $1 from each tee goes to support early art education, which is a great cause.

Photo Jun 25, 10 35 59 PM


I gotta say,  was impressed with the package I received in the mail. First impressions are everything, and even just the act of sending a nicely folded tshirt, with the brands logo on  sticker clasping the whole thing together, and a bag of freebies to go with it.

Photo Jun 25, 10 36 51 PM


Ten stickers, a pin, a pencil, a pen, a business card, and 10% off my next purchase coupon. A nice haul of unexpected merch. (Also, I apologize for my dirty table. I need to clean up better after breakfast).

Photo Jun 25, 10 38 54 PM


As for the shirt, I thought the design was a super interesting take on the brand logo tee. MPISA spelled out their name in the Adobe Photoshop tools associated with the M, P, I, S, and A keys on your keyboard.

Photo Jun 25, 10 39 32 PM


On the hemline of the shirt, they stitched on a tag with the brands logo. I love when brands do things like this. It’s a way for them to mark work in a classy way. Plus, this really saves the shirt from looking like one of those freebies you get at tech expos.

As for the fit, they warn on their site that “Sizes run slightly small”, and I feel that’s almost unnecessary. The shirt fits just like your standard American Apparel shirt, which I still find to be the industry’s high water mark. The shirt has no tag, so I have no idea who the manufacturer of the shirt is.

The only downside is the price. The shirt retails for $32.50, which is about $10 more than I expect to pay for a shirt with such little print and only one color. I understand that they donate a portion to charity, but maybe if they cut back on the freebies, then they could take the price of the tees down a little.

UPDATE: As of 6/28/2013, the prices of the tees are down to $26, making them a much better value, and a brand I can endorse whole-heartedly.


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