New necklaces released in the HYA shop!

by Andy on June 2, 2013

I love the HYA tees and hoodies, but I’m a humble enough guy to know that there are only so many things out there that you guys want to see the HYA logo printed on, so there’s no point me investing loads of money in stuff people don’t want, but I would like to have an active HYA shop that people enjoyed visiting and could find some fun and cute things in, which is why it will be diversifying over the next few months to offer a wider variety of items. Jewellery seemed like and easy place to start, after I kept finding really cool stuff on the wholesale websites that I frequent for Rigu, and there’s now a growing selection of fashion jewellery in the shop. I’m keeping the price low because the HYA store is meant to be a bit of fun to help complement the Rigu store, so the necklaces above are available for just £2.99 a piece, which is pretty darned cheap if you ask me!

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