Lunchbox AllStar t-shirt at Deli Fresh Threads [Submitted]

by Andy on June 5, 2013

Whenever you look at a lunchbox, are you brought back as to when you were a kid and you had that lunchbox with your favorite cartoon or superhero on it? Does it bring you back to school and wondering what tastiness would be packed in that box? A majority of the time it was a sandwich, right? The AllStar of the lunchbox.

I believe that the Sandwich is the King of Meals and some may disagree. However, you can’t deny that the sandwich is the king of lunch and the AllStar of the lunchbox! It’s a classic…just like this design.

Jon Ramirez of Ink Park Co worked on it and did a great job with the clean and classic look.

The AllStar chip (button) and shirt are available at

Andy: Good to see the more new stuff coming from DFT, keep it coming, guys!

  • Don Logan

    It’s all quite nice and all but isn’t this really just another Johnny Cupcakes rip off? All of a sudden there are these clothing brands based around food stuffs with packaging to suit. Y’know, things like T-shirts packaged in PIzza boxes or taglines like ‘Delivered Fresh Daily’. To be honest there’s none I can recall just now, maybe there’s a feature idea for you there.

    Decent enough designs though, just been done before, and better.

  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    My usual response to this is that Johnny himself would acknowledge that a lot of stuff he’s done was and still is influenced by other brands and other aspects of pop culture. I see where you’re coming from that some people might have seen his success and decided to follow suit, but perhaps some people really, really like a certain food and think “hey, maybe if Johnny can do it then my dream of a smoothie-based clothing company could be successful.”

    It would be unfair to say that since Johnny has a food related clothing line then no one else is allowed to have one or that your packaging related to the product, if you have a t-shirt company about pizzas (which someone surely either already does or will do in the future) then why not have a pizza box as your packaging?

    Anyway, if this is ripping off anything it’s Converse, but then that was the point.

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