Let’s Rage and their crazy all-over print tees

by Andy on June 5, 2013

I think it’s fair to say that this style of t-shirt isn’t for me, and that’s completely fine, I know that I’m not meant to wear something from a ‘party lifestyle brand’ and I can live with that. However, it’s a style of clothing that I seem to see more and more these days, well, I see it being sold more and more but I don’t actually see people wearing this kind of thing very often, probably because I haven’t been to a rave for quite some time.

Still, these all over prints from Let’s Rage do intrigue me. They’re so over the top and so in-your-face that they’re impossible to ignore and they’re also ridiculous enough that you just can’t take them seriously, so it would be pointless to hate them. The price tag of almost $50 a piece is pretty high, but that price is one of the by-products of this all over print technique. So then readers, who’s going to be sporting a shirt like this all Summer long?

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