Two more shirts that I don’t understand at My Main Man Pat this week

by Andy on June 19, 2013

As usual, I have no idea what the inspiration is this week at the hip-hop inspired t-shirt site My Main Man Pat, so here’s their explanation:

The story of “Tim Dog Lives” is a somewhat sordid affair. He had some moderate success in the hip-hop game, but first made headlines for a weird-ass online dating scandal in 2011. Then, back in February it was reported that he “died” due to complications stemming from diabetes. However, one of his victims was not convinced, hired a PI, who could not dig up a death certificate. She was able to convince a Mississippi judge, and a warrant has been re-issued for the arrest of one Timothy Blair. This is the type of stuff you cannot make up.

“DOOM” and his trademark metal-face mask have been kings on the underground scene since Operation: Doomsday dropped in ’99. His name and costume were based on the supervillain Dr.Doom from the Marvel comics series, so this designs cartoony feel is just perfect.

I don’t really understand why they feel the need to release a shirt about this Tim Dog guy, it’s an intriguing story, but what would be the motivation behind wearing the shirt when it seems like he wasn’t that popular of an artist anyway?

  • MMMP

    Appreciate the always honest feedback HYA, but I must come to the defense the Tim Dog shirt I love so much. The irony is perfect, works on several levels, but I suppose you’d have to know his music to really get it. Perhaps the skull and bat are a touch corny, but my whole body smiles every time I look at it. Plus, wouldn’t be the first time a somewhat mediocore artist was propelled to superstardum because they died young, and that extends well beyond hip-hop, no?

    Seriously though you guys are awesome

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