What Katie Drew…For You [Submitted]

by Andy on June 27, 2013

WHAT KATIE DREW debut t-shirt collection

What Katie Drew is an up and coming illustrator from London who basically just loves drawing. Good at bad drawing, bad a good drawing and definitely not good at colouring inside the lines.

Here you can exclusively buy her quirky, cheeky, hand crafted illustrations on t-shirts.
There’s a special introductory price for tee’s if you’re quick and follow on facebook.

Andy: I like the designs, but the £50 price point is just too high for me. There’s a 30% off coupon via the Facebook page (valid until the end of this month) which makes things a bit more reasonable, but it’s still a lot of money for a white t-shirt with a black print on it. At that price an online store needs to do more to persuade me why I should part with that money for that t-shirt instead of moving on to another shop and I don’t feel that need is being met here. Cool designs, but unless I’m missing something here I don’t know why it costs that much.

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