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by Mr Four Fingers on June 28, 2013

Engstrom - Third eye T-shirt

Engstrom Clothing are a new t-shirt design label from Kansas City  who have recently launched a range of t-shirts that are definitely not for shy folk. As you can see by their designs, they are big ‘n bold and most are booming with bright colour. The name of the company is derived from the name Brent Engstrom, a man with prodigious drawing talent who illustrates, amongst other things, the Garbage Pail Kid trading cards!

engstrom jelly skull

I ordered a couple of tees from their  USA home base with the hopes of not getting shafted with customs tax (UK resident). Not to be. I was slammed with customs tax but the strange thing is that after leaving the tees to simmer at the post office for a few days the tax had mysteriously been paid for, hence the scrawled “PAID” writing on the box. Thank you blue crayon person.


The cardboard box packaging has an Engstrom logo, always a nice touch amidst the multitudes of postal stickers. I think as t-shirt consumers we are used to receiving little extras in our packages, things likes notes, stickers and branded cards etc just to sweeten the experience and re-enforce the brand. So this is probably something Engstrom could consider.

The fabric quality of the t-shirts is great as they are all American Apparel 50/50 blend. Meaning they are pretty damn comfy and light. The pink design, called Jelly Skull,  is a large area plastisol print so it does sit a tad stiff on the t-shirt (contrasted to the soft fabric). This is the nature of plastisol so it is something to bear in mind. Time should and generally does soften the print up a little whilst still maintaining those vibrant colours. The nature of this design could benefit from discharge inks but as it stands now I have no problem wearing it.

Engstrom_3 Engstrom_2 Engstrom_1

The black skull t-shirt, called Third Eye, is right on the money as it has less layers of ink and so it feels more integrated with less hand (term for the feeling of the print). Another thing Engstrom have excelled on, apart from their great and unusual designs, is their product shots and website. They look great and everything is clean straightforward.

Engstrom_8 Engstrom_9


Jelly Skull – Large worn by Doug (oh shit that’s me) who is 5’11”
Price – $32

Third Eye – Medium worn by Craig who is 5′ 10″ (at least I think so)
Price – $29

Check out these t-shirt designs and others by following this link to their online store and be sure to visit Brent’s official site where you can view some pretty weird things. All in all I’m pleased with the service and I definitely dig wearing the t-shirt (so does Craig)

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