Oxblood & Co. t-shirts with hand drawn lettering on Kickstarter [Submitted]

by Andy on June 30, 2013

New t-shirt brand, Oxblood & Co, have just launched their first micro range of t-shirts on Kickstarter.

They are looking for backers to help fund their new project using the increasingly popular method of crowd funding. The ‘all-or-nothing’ funding from kickstarter members is clearly a great way to gather interest and create a name for a new brand.

Their t-shirt designs are all from hand drawn artworks inspired by vintage hand lettering and typography. This project is a range of three t-shirts with a loose ‘water/sailing’ theme. On offer are two heather black tees and a white tee with some great designs. Don’t forget to check out their video, you get to see some footage of the actual designs being drawn and you see the first sample t-shirt – which looks really good.

This project has all the usual ‘rewards’ in return for your pledges. However, if you are fancy spending a little extra on something special you can get a one off t-shirt. Adam from Oxblood & Co will draw your phrase or word which will be printed onto your t-shirt.

As a fan of hand lettering i love the Oxblood & Co t-shirt project and hope it gets the backing it deserves. Go check their project page out on Kickstarter.

Andy: Very nice looking tees and the pledge levels are well priced, I’d like to see this one get funded.

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