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July 2013

Isn’t it weird that there aren’t more Buffy t-shirts considering how massively popular the show was? I guess it isn’t really on TV much anymore so perhaps the younger generation don’t see it much and so t-shirt designers don’t want to spend time on something out of the public consciousness.

All three shirts are $14 at Tshirt Laundry this week before going up next week.

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Stay cool in the cool in the summer with your No Pain No Profit Tank!

The No Pain No Profit Motto: “No matter how painful, hardwork brings great rewards, which are not without profit.”

Hide Your Arms readers save 20% off your purchase with coupon code: gpanation

And: Nice, thanks for the submission.

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I haven’t seen Pacific Rim, but I do love that Hokusai-inspired design new in at BustedTees this week. Then again, I say that about every Hokusai-inspired design that I see. Shirts are $20 a piece and available now.


Do you remember how fun the classic games were at the fair?

“Carnival Hunter” by SteveOramA t-shirts are now available for pre-order @ Cotton Bureau for a limited time only!

Andy: Great design, hopefully enough people will pick this one up for it to get printed.


Pale Horse just released two new shirts ‘Grey Spirit of the Pineal’ T-shirt & ‘Panda Messenger’ racerback tank. These limited edition shirts are printed 100% combed cotton with water based inks, so the print is super soft. Check them out here:

Andy: Very nice indeed, thanks for the submission!


Ichie Apparel Summer Special [Summer]

by Andy on July 31, 2013

“Are you enjoying your summer? Why not spice things up with a new shirt from Ichie Apparel? Head over to, and we’ll give you every new summer tee for only $20 + $5 shipping to ANYWHERE! Treat yourself, live a little! ”

Andy: It costs me more than $5 to ship a Rigu order internationally, so that is a pretty sweet deal.


Aquatic Series by OMUNKY launched!

by Andy on July 30, 2013

Rick over at OMUNKY dropped a collection of three new animal-based tees a few days ago, and as you can tell from the title, they all run on an aquatic theme. I think that my favourite of the bunch is the shark in the pool, which makes a lot of sense since I do spend quite a lot of time in the water. All three shirts are available now for the very reasonable price of $20.00 each with the design available on mens/womens/youth/toddler cuts, so you can outfit the whole family!


Hi Andy! It’s been a while but we are still here. I just wanted to give a quick heads up about a 2 new releases.

Antisparkle Apparel has 2 new designs perfect for the Summer, Chase the Stars and Fearless. Both designs are available now in the Antisparkle store.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


I hadn’t heard of Enthos before they got in touch regarding this new sale, but I’m glad that they have because their shirts would have been good at the original price of $25 each, but they’re great at just $12.50 each during the sale. Lots of designs to check out too.


Lots of cool tees available for £7.50 and crewnecks for £11.25, you can’t do much better than that in the UK.



Have you ever wondered about the history of the t-shirt?

Spreadshirt has created an infographic to tell the story of the humble t-shirt. See the graphic here:

Andy: Pretty cool infographic, obviously you will need to click on the image to see it full size and actually be able to read it properly.


Before my holiday I didn’t really understand a lot about hip-hop, and two weeks sat on beaches in Cornwall has done nothing to help that, so once again I have no idea what these shirts are about at My Main Man Pat so I’ll just let them give the information instead of trying to bluff my way through:

This week we’re playing at opposite ends of the spectrum of hip-hop’s timeline. “Schoolly D”, considered by many to be hip-hop’s original gangster rapper, had 5 albums out before 1990. His work paved the way for hip-hop in a lot of ways, and we are thrilled to have a design inspired by his legend on the site. “Deltron 3030” is more of a look towards the future, and has left us salivating for the hip-hop super-groups second album, set for release on October 1st (I’ll believe it when I see it after 9 years of teasing).


Paid Vaca is brand new online destination and retailer of exclusive men’s streetwear labels sourced from every human inhabited continent of our planet and is on a mission to serve the street fashion enthusiast authentic and exciting brands with which the global market is yet to be saturated. With the use of our original “shop by continent/country” filter options in our web shop, we are giving our customers the opportunity to travel through the world wide industry that is streetwear and to observe the various cultural and style influences being brought to it from every corner of the globe, all on a single computer or mobile phone screen.

The “Outfitter” tool, another Paid Vaca original functions as a customizable virtual mannequin and allows our customers to combine the looks we’ve sourced from across the planet and to build their own head to toe ensembles, based on any given item of interest once they’ve clicked to it’s product page. The Paid Vaca “Outfitter” provides our customers with a “DIY/Do It Yourself” level of control and interactivity and a fun and dynamic way to coordinate pieces from Brazil, Taiwan, Denmark, and so on, all into single well put together outfits.

Paid Vaca has arrived on the scene for the loyal fans of this industry and culture that are looking to expand their street fashion horizons. As a respectful newcomer to an industry for which it has much love and in which originality is highly valued, Paid Vaca is an operation all it’s own with a “what’s next?” oriented goal set for both it’s service to it’s customer base and for it’s contributions to the industry at large.

Andy: Looks good to me, thanks for the submission!


I like the sheep shirt at laFraise this week, but I don’t really understand what the illustration has to do with “don’t grow up…” on the other one, anybody care to enlighten me?

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Steven Seagull T-shirt [Submitted]

by Andy on July 29, 2013

Ever wonder what happened to 80’s action star Steven Seagal? He became a seagull…Hand screen printed with environmentally friendly ink on a super soft, thin fitted cotton/poly blend t-shirt.

Andy: It’s a bit crude, but it’s funny enough to be worth it.


Pretty much all the info you need is in the graphic above, so all I need to do is give you a link to blu-boy.


That Thing You Do! x Ramones mash-up Tee

by Andy on July 29, 2013

Check out this fun mash-up of America’s favorite punk band and America’s favorite movie about a one-hit wonder band written and directed by Tom Hanks.

Andy: Ahhh, the mashup we were all crying out for, thanks for the submission!

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8&9: Premium Quality Shirt Review

by Heather Abbott on July 28, 2013

Apparel brand 8&9 is mostly doing it right. Their website is navigational, promotional, and well-supported by product and the brand story, their marketing is in the right places, and they keep their blog updated daily. Their mail package they sent my way was well-stocked with promotional gear, leave-behinds, and, well, free swag. 8&9 also sent not one, but two tees for review.

Right away, I was impressed with 8&9. Not many brands send as much “about me” info and gear for review. I’ve actually been surprised before on how little some brands send out (no note, receipt, or anything) in their packages. However, 8&9 had their brand story well included in their mailer.

The t-shirt design of the Premium Quality tee they sent was also well done. The design was full and detailed, perfectly fitting for the medium of a t-shirt body. The color choices in the design and tee body meshed well together. Other smaller details stood out, too, like the embossed hangtag, a personalized center back printed label, and the special woven hem label.

8&9 package

8&9 Premium Quality

8&9 tag

8&9 woven tag

The only real issue with the shirt was the weight of the cotton. The shirt felt like heavyweight cotton, and although a few brands print on tees of that weight, it’s not a usual a desired weight to consumers. Heavyweight tees can be especially uncomfortable to wear during summer days – a bummer for this design, because I was really stoked to wear it right away (but the Texas heat is quite a beast).



Still, even with the heavyweight shirt, since it carried such a bold design, I will most likely wear it in to a comfy state. 8&9 also sent an extra shirt, the Kill Squad Nunchacu Volt tee, but I was not as enamored by the design as I was with the Premium Quality tee. Even so, the Kill Squad tee caught my attention with the small details like the sleeve cuff print.

8&9 Kill Squad

Kill Squad Cuff

Overall, 8&9 had my support. After all, what good would a lighter, 6oz summer tee be if the design was poor? You can easily shop 8&9, here. They’ve got an array of designs, including v-necks and tank tops.


High Society London’s 2013 Collection

by Andy on July 24, 2013

Some pretty cool stuff here, and a pretty decent blog too.

High Society London

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Stick It Wear?! by Joe Durica pays homage to the fan re-creation of sporting movements and moments. The brand’s bread-and-butter shirts are adorned with stick characters or ‘smart figures’ that are directly inspired from the refined Olympic pictograms of the 60s and 70s. They simplify our memories as we pass them from generation to generation of sports enthusiasts. In the process of turning a hero into a ‘icon’, the brand announces the arrival of the sophisticated die hard. It is the smart fan’s smart shirt.

Andy: With Britain still on a high from Andy Murray’s historic Wimbledon win I rather like these shirts.

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