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by Andy on July 2, 2013

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smyrna, Ga 07/01/2013 – ConvoBox announces the launch of there clothing line on kickstarter

“We are excited to say we have launched a campaign on kickstarter to fund and promote our launch of the brand, convobox clothing”

ConvoBox was born in a basement raised in a bedroom and soon will be graduated to a house but only with the help from a community and support system. The company was founded by Stanley Guerrier, with a mission to make a brand to support the creative minds left behind. Convobox first came around the idea to make a clothing line to be the first to branch out of the company for the love of fashion because what we wear tells us a lot about ourselves and others, what music we listen to, what sports teams we like, what profession we are in, and/or what we are passionate about, and also helping others have a brand to be proud of wearing.

ConvoBox Clothing is currently running a kickstarter project to fund the release of its debut which was motivated to make a line for everyone, no matter who you are you will always feel welcomed with a bold look, an artistic style and a luxurious feel in each product. “In the near future we will be donating to arts and business based organizations that help promote, support, and motivate innovation for our future of innovators and creative minds” says Stanley Guerrier.

The problem Convobox is solving is that there are to many high quality brands that are selling for just to high and not for everyone. “A lot of companies claim to be an everyone brand but only offer products to either a certain type of group or are way to expensive to purchase leaving that possible customer unappreciated and felt like an outcast, personally I am one of those people being certainly bigger in size then what they offer and also in this tough economy not to many people can afford a 50 dollar T-shirt” says Stanley Guerrier. All of the pieces in convobox clothing line will be Made in America from the highest-quality sweatshop free materials.

Successful funding will not only launch the brand but promote a whole other side of fashion untouched, and that is to work on satisfying everyone with high fashion comfortable enough to sleep in and fashionable enough that you would wear it out with friends, at parties, in what ever event. No restrictions to anyone nor where its warn.
So i ask why not join our movement and fund something to talk about.

Stanley Guerrier


Andy: These guys are saying a lot of good things, but honestly, the designs just are not of a high enough quality. I don’t think we’ll be seeing this one get funded.

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