Red Light: Blue Turtle Tees Review

by Carlos J. Morales on July 10, 2013

Before diving into the review, let me start by apologizing for this latish post. It amazes me how packages, in this day and age, can get lost in the system. Now that my sample from Blue Turtle Tees has escaped the United States Postal Matrix, we can finally sit down and discuss the contents of the package. Any guesses on what it could be? If this is your first time visiting Hide Your Arms, the answer is a t-shirt.

Blue Turtle Tees – a brand that was started between friends who are into art, music, photography, and self-expression. The concept sounds reasonable and a lot of potential can come from it. A wise man once said, a team of creative minds is better than one creative mind. Okay… I am not sure if anyone has said that exact quote, but it is not a far fetched idea. Keeping this concept in mind, Blue Turtle Tees comes off as incomplete. In other words, it is at its skeleton stage – a solid concept, but lacks meat on its bones. However, I am not here to review the brand or its identity, it all comes down to the t-shirt itself.


At first glance, you will notice the subtle red and white of the design on this navy blue shirt. The bright colors pop just enough to reel you in; the beauty of printing on dark color shirts. Another thing to note is that Blue Turtle Tees prints on American Apparel, so do not fret when thinking about the colors dulling after a few washes. The print quality also matches the thread quality; smooth to the touch and comfortable to wear. All in all, I think the shirt does the Roxanne reference justice. To be honest, the only thing I could live without was the random use of their logo on the bottom-right side of the t-shirt. It felt out of place and did not improve the presentation by any means.


If there is anything to walk with, it is this: the t-shirt itself is a decent debut t-shirt from a young brand. Given the right series; this shirt would totally be worth the $24.99. However, the lack of website presentation and sub-par collection alienates this design. While I understand this is not a brand review, the price tag of a t-shirt should reflect the overall presentation of the brand thus making this offer a bit over priced. Blue Turtle Tees is young and probably full of wonderful ideas, if they continue to put out designs similar to this one they may attract more t-shirt wearers.


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