Andy is on holiday, HYA goes barebones for two weeks

by Andy on July 12, 2013

I’m going to Cornwall for a couple of weeks starting from tomorrow, so as you’d imagine there’s not going to be a lot of posting going on at HYA. The rest of the bloggers are still available to post, but I think we’re all aware that I am responsible for about 95% of the sites output so we can’t expect the guest bloggers to pick up the slack to that large of an extent. I have written up a few quick posts though so that the site will still have a few updates whilst I’m sat on the many beaches of Cornwall putting a combination of meat and pastry in my face.

As you would imagine, this means that brand pitches and enquiries will have slow responses, even slower than normal, and that submitted posts will be posted upon my return.

The HYA store is going to be closed whilst I’m away, you’ll still be able to browse but the ability to add things to the cart and make a purchase have been removed. There should be a few new items added when I get back, so that’s pretty exciting.

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