New Dealer of Exclusive Streetwear Labels from 6 Continents Announcing Site Launch [Submitted]

by Andy on July 30, 2013

Paid Vaca is brand new online destination and retailer of exclusive men’s streetwear labels sourced from every human inhabited continent of our planet and is on a mission to serve the street fashion enthusiast authentic and exciting brands with which the global market is yet to be saturated. With the use of our original “shop by continent/country” filter options in our web shop, we are giving our customers the opportunity to travel through the world wide industry that is streetwear and to observe the various cultural and style influences being brought to it from every corner of the globe, all on a single computer or mobile phone screen.

The “Outfitter” tool, another Paid Vaca original functions as a customizable virtual mannequin and allows our customers to combine the looks we’ve sourced from across the planet and to build their own head to toe ensembles, based on any given item of interest once they’ve clicked to it’s product page. The Paid Vaca “Outfitter” provides our customers with a “DIY/Do It Yourself” level of control and interactivity and a fun and dynamic way to coordinate pieces from Brazil, Taiwan, Denmark, and so on, all into single well put together outfits.

Paid Vaca has arrived on the scene for the loyal fans of this industry and culture that are looking to expand their street fashion horizons. As a respectful newcomer to an industry for which it has much love and in which originality is highly valued, Paid Vaca is an operation all it’s own with a “what’s next?” oriented goal set for both it’s service to it’s customer base and for it’s contributions to the industry at large.

Andy: Looks good to me, thanks for the submission!

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