My Main Man Pat have two more hip-hop shirts I don’t understand

by Andy on July 30, 2013

Before my holiday I didn’t really understand a lot about hip-hop, and two weeks sat on beaches in Cornwall has done nothing to help that, so once again I have no idea what these shirts are about at My Main Man Pat so I’ll just let them give the information instead of trying to bluff my way through:

This week we’re playing at opposite ends of the spectrum of hip-hop’s timeline. “Schoolly D”, considered by many to be hip-hop’s original gangster rapper, had 5 albums out before 1990. His work paved the way for hip-hop in a lot of ways, and we are thrilled to have a design inspired by his legend on the site. “Deltron 3030” is more of a look towards the future, and has left us salivating for the hip-hop super-groups second album, set for release on October 1st (I’ll believe it when I see it after 9 years of teasing).

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