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July 2013

Philly-based brand PANYC State have been rather nice and offered you lovely readers a coupon code for 15% off their shirts. I hadn’t heard of them before they got in touch with the code, so that’s always a nice way for a brand to introduce themselves. The magic code is PSxHYA2013 and yes, it is case sensitive.

I like a lot of the shirts in their latest collection (above), especially the robot head design, and they’re priced right at with options from $16-$30 a piece so I’ll be interested to see what else these guys come up with in the future.


Not a massive release from Portuguese brand Black Thunder for this Summer collection, just a couple of designs on tees and tank tops (€15 each), a tote bag (€5) and a 5 panel hat (€17). At least it’s all killer and no filler with two very wearable designs, and the lookbook ladies do a good job of showing them off to their full potential.


Series 14 drops at Fullbleed

by Andy on July 10, 2013

If there’s one designer out there that has managed to carve out his own style, and have a massive influence on others at the same time, it’s Rob Dobi, the man behind Fullbleed. You look at a tee and you know it’s his, he just has that kind of consistency across different series of tees, each new set of designs being like an evolution from the last.

I’d wear everything in this release, you can’t do much better than that, and at $18 a piece they’re priced reasonably too.

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Red Light: Blue Turtle Tees Review

by Carlos J. Morales on July 10, 2013

Before diving into the review, let me start by apologizing for this latish post. It amazes me how packages, in this day and age, can get lost in the system. Now that my sample from Blue Turtle Tees has escaped the United States Postal Matrix, we can finally sit down and discuss the contents of the package. Any guesses on what it could be? If this is your first time visiting Hide Your Arms, the answer is a t-shirt.

Blue Turtle Tees – a brand that was started between friends who are into art, music, photography, and self-expression. The concept sounds reasonable and a lot of potential can come from it. A wise man once said, a team of creative minds is better than one creative mind. Okay… I am not sure if anyone has said that exact quote, but it is not a far fetched idea. Keeping this concept in mind, Blue Turtle Tees comes off as incomplete. In other words, it is at its skeleton stage – a solid concept, but lacks meat on its bones. However, I am not here to review the brand or its identity, it all comes down to the t-shirt itself.


At first glance, you will notice the subtle red and white of the design on this navy blue shirt. The bright colors pop just enough to reel you in; the beauty of printing on dark color shirts. Another thing to note is that Blue Turtle Tees prints on American Apparel, so do not fret when thinking about the colors dulling after a few washes. The print quality also matches the thread quality; smooth to the touch and comfortable to wear. All in all, I think the shirt does the Roxanne reference justice. To be honest, the only thing I could live without was the random use of their logo on the bottom-right side of the t-shirt. It felt out of place and did not improve the presentation by any means.


If there is anything to walk with, it is this: the t-shirt itself is a decent debut t-shirt from a young brand. Given the right series; this shirt would totally be worth the $24.99. However, the lack of website presentation and sub-par collection alienates this design. While I understand this is not a brand review, the price tag of a t-shirt should reflect the overall presentation of the brand thus making this offer a bit over priced. Blue Turtle Tees is young and probably full of wonderful ideas, if they continue to put out designs similar to this one they may attract more t-shirt wearers.



I must admit that I don’t understand quite a few of the references here, but I do like all of the designs, so sometimes at BustedTees ignorance is bliss… or they just happened to make some designs that look good whether you’re in on the joke or not.

To get that magical 35% discount you need to use the coupon code FRANCISSCOTTTEE, and it applies to all their tees, not just the new ones.


A spin-off TV series that should have happened, the Vivian & Clair T-Shirt is an homage to arguably the flyest mothers ever to grace the TV screen.

Stylish and witty, they possessed an equal measure of beauty & brains and became an inspiration for a generation of kids growing up in the 80s and 90s.

Andy: Pretty rare to hear the word ‘fly’ being used these days! I really like the style of artwork here, it works really nicely for a t-shirt.


I really like that Space Invaders shirt, but part of me wishes they offered it on a black shirt too, for those of us that ruin white shirts with our sloppy pasta eating habits.

As usual new shirts at Snorg are $5 off this week, making them $14.95 until Sunday.


Kyle Cunniff’s “Grasshopper Shop” is introducing its latest design printed with eco-friendly water based discharge ink on a tri-blend black shirt. Once washed this discharge print is part of the shirt, resulting in the softest possible print.

Andy: Very wearable design, thanks for the submission.


I don’t wear leggings (and as a result the world is a slightly better place), but you guys know I like galaxy tights and leggings since I’m sure you’ve seen them in the HYA store (leggings coming soon), and these Adventure Time themed leggings over at are really interesting so I thought they were worth a mention. They’re $26.50 a pair and available now.


‘Retro Gals: Mods and Rockers’ is a series of pinup art inspired screen printed posters and t-shirts by artists Anne Benjamin, Babs Tarr, Daniel Krall, and Alex Pearson. Honestly, I’ve never heard of any of those people, but that’s the great thing about running this blog, awesome artists get in touch to let me know what they’re doing and I get to find out about cool stuff and share it with you guys.

Prints are $25 each (or get the whole set of 4 for $80), and tees are $22 at Family Tree Design.


I know that I just posted about Johnny Cupcakes a couple of hours ago, but it’s pretty rare to get a coupon code from JC so I thought it was worth mentioning.

Use the coupon code HEATWAVE to save $20 when you spend $100 or more from now until Thursday.


Four new designs from Johnny Cupcakes

by Andy on July 9, 2013

I think that this is one of the most original releases from the Johnny Cupcakes team for quite a while, with some interesting and fun designs, because I feel that recently there had been a few lazy releases that were just trading on past designs without giving them the interesting twists that we have come to expect from JC. Tees are $36 a piece (it is what it is, if you want to pay less buy from someone else) as available now.


Yes, I’m posting about socks, this is happening, just go with it.

Our buddies over at Vapour Clothing have just released some really cool looking socks, I’m especially partial to the polka dot pair, and they can be yours for £5.99 a pair.


When it comes to depressing things, murdering babies is very near the top of the list, but the reality is that in China baby girl’s are killed (or abandoned, or aborted) because of the one-child policy (to put it in a nutshell, girls earn less money, and so can’t help support the family later in life). This week, Sevenly are supporting All Girls Allowed, a charity that provides at-risk children with food, clothing and medical aid.

As usual, the designs are great, and $7 from each item goes to the charity.


Last December we, Livin Life Co, partnered with Feeding Children Everywhere, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, for our first ever Pay It Forward Charity Drive. The response was awesome, and after some thinking we have decided to make it ongoing instead of just once a year. From now on for each item purchased, we will donate part of our proceeds providing four meals to help feed children in the USA.

Andy: Nice, thanks for the submission!


Two new tees from Fuzzy Ink

by Andy on July 9, 2013

Gotta love Fuzzy Ink, they’re on a good run of design releases at the moment. The designs are available as a regular shirt as shown above for $22, or as a v-neck for $26.


Sound Off Apparel is a company that partners with bands to co-design limited edition clothing that raises funds and awareness for a charity of the musicians’ choice. Each month Sound Off features a new band/charity collaboration. This month the company has partnered with San Diego band Transfer to design this shirt. The band has chosen to benefit the non-profit Center for Community Solutions and seven dollars from the sale of each shirt will go to domestic violence and sexual abuse prevention and education services.

The budget for these services which include workshops for professional audiences, youth groups, correctional facilities, schools K-12, colleges and universities, drug and alcohol recovery groups, seniors, and the general public were CUT IN HALF due to state budget cuts. Currently these is a 2-3 month waiting list for CCS to hold these workshops at local schools. Sound Off and Transfer are working to make these programs more readily available by raising money through the sales of these shirts.

Andy: Interesting idea, thanks a lot for the submission!


Two new tees at laFraise this week

by Andy on July 8, 2013

I wouldn’t wear it, but that unicorn shirt from laFraise is ridiculously cute.


Take a look at our eco-friendly wood watch that helps to end childhood hunger. Each watch sold provides up to 10 meals to a child in need. (And they’re cool too!)

When compared to other wood watches, our watches are more vibrant, stylish, and affordable.

We think your readers will connect with our brand if we were featured by you. We are a globally recognized brand with a number of retailers across the globe, particularly in the US, UK, and AU.

You can also check out feature with here.

Andy: HYA isn’t a watch site, but these are pretty cool and I like the charity angle.


When I got the weekly e-mail from My Main Man Pat letting me know about their latest limited edition designs he said that I’d know who one of these people was, and that I wouldn’t have a clue with the other, and he was right. Here’s the details as told by them because I know nothing about hip-hop:

“All Eyez On Me” is a portrait of the late and great Tupac Shakur. 2pac was an immensely talented artist who died far too young. At only 25 when he was murdered, he had already completed 10 studio albums and starred in 6 full length movies. He would be 42 if alive today and who knows what he could have accomplished over that time. He was also responsible for yours truly’s introduction to hip-hop, so we are thrilled to have this one up.

“Chief Rocka” was one of the many bangers to come off Lord’s of the Underground “Here Come the Lords” album. From artist HG Wales “Chief Rocka is based on the old Diesel “Only the brave” logo. I used to have a jumper with the diesel mohawk on it and always thought it looked cool, so holly adapted it to include Chief Rocka.”

Shirts are $20 a piece with free shipping as usual, and are available until Sunday.


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