Tees and Tanks from new UK brand My Yard

by Andy on August 2, 2013

I don’t want to sound like a shut in when I say this, but when you work from home, and out of your window there’s just fields and trees, you don’t see that many people, so it’s easy for me to forget what people actually wear in the UK. When I was on holiday I got a really good impression of what ‘young people’ and I have to use that term because I just don’t wear the same stuff as the youth of today, are wearing, and it was a lot like the stuff from My Yard. All over prints are big right now, and usually I’m not a fan, but there seems to be a trend at the moment of making all-over pieces that are a bit more subtle and understand, and I think that the muted colour palettes at My Yard do make their designs a lot more appealing to me. They’ve got some interesting stuff (I’ve inlcuded everything in their store above) and it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with in the future.

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