NEW – “Wake-Up” Tee’s now available from ReThink Reality Clothing! [Submitted]

by Andy on August 19, 2013

Get your hands on our new batch of shirts titled “Wake-Up” for males and females!

When we came up with this idea we wanted to bring something new to the table that you not only love to wear, but it also challenges you as a person. The “Wake-Up” Tee was inspired by our ideas of wanting to encourage our customers to simply do what the shirt says. Wake up, and ReThink their Reality.

All RTR Tee’s are printed by ourselves in our print studio we have built in our garage. We make sure to give the most professional look with the most comfortable feel in tee’s. All of our shirts come with sewn on hem tags, as well as printed neck tags. No one likes an annoying tag on the back of their tee right?

ReThink Reality Clothing is ran by two 20-something males established in 2011 with our tax return money. Our brand is trying to make an impact on this world one tee at a time. RTR Clothing is about encouraging young adults to do what it is in life that they are passionate about. Life is too short to be working a job you hate just because the money is good.

ReThink your Reality and do something different!

The whole goal of our brand is to influence our customers to do the things they love. We want you to turn those dreams into a reality! Living the life you’ve always wanted isn’t as hard as it seems to get there. It just takes hard work and determination!

New tee’s can be found at:

Andy: Thanks for the submission!

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