Pocket tees from Mana Aesthetics

by Andy on August 20, 2013

It’s funny that I don’t actually own a pocket tee, I like them and they’re big at the moment, yet they are conspicuously absent from my wardrobe. Mana Aesthetics are a new-ish brand launched earlier this Summer by a University of Texas student named David who saw a friend wearing a pocket tee, thought it looked cool, and wanted to make some himself. I like that kind of intro story, much better than the ‘we want to change the fashion world and saw nothing in shops we liked’ rubbish that people usually try to sell me.

David may just be starting out in the tee game but he’s got some interesting stuff going on here, and in the future he hopes to get some screen printing equipment and print some of his own designs, and I for one look forward to seeing them. Tees are $22 a pop and available now.

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