Tomtangle – technical tees that you want to wear

by Andy on August 21, 2013

I like technical t-shirts, I have quite a few (I live 10 minutes from Ambleside, a village of a few thousand people that has 15+ outdoors shops and enough kit to prepare you for a trip up Everest, no, really), but one thing I’ve noticed is that the tees rarely have a design on them that you’d want to wear, sometimes you’ll get the brand logo but that’s rarely exciting.

Tomtangle are trying to change that by printing ‘proper’ designs (using sublimation) onto microfibre tees that look and feel like a cotton t-shirt but with the added benefits of a technical tee (like wicking away sweat much more effectively). You’d think that this kind of innovation would push the price up, but shirts are a very reasonable £20 each. It’s a cool idea and I think it could do well. A sample shirt is going to be on it’s way to team HYA soon for a full review.

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