Dirtball Made with Plastic Bottles [REVIEW]

by Umang on August 24, 2013

When Dirtball reached out to HYA with a sample to review, I took interest because of their “ecocentric” brand. Their t-shirts are made in the USA and the fabric is 50% Recycled Cotton and 50% Recycled polyester which is comprised of 6.5 water bottles per t-shirt.

dirtball 1The t-shirt that they sent me was cut like most fashion fit designs which was a pleasant surprise.  I would have imagined that eco-friendly t-shirts wouldn’t have taken “fashion” anything into account and frankly resemble a utilitarian, Toyota Camry.

dirtball 2Dirtball states that they utilize water based inks. Although water based inks have a “green” stigma, I have noticed that they lack the crispness that non-ecofriendly inks provide, especially when used on dark t-shirts like this one.  The silkscreen work on this t-shirt shows multiple passes of ink that did not completely align. Rest assured, not many people would notice this and you could tell your friends that it’s part of the t-shirt’s “organic” nature.

dirtball 4Dirtball implemented a few thoughtful details on this t-shirt like the sewn label on the sleeve. A nice subtle, branding detail which shows they put some thought into their product.

dirtball 3In addition another detail is their eco-mission, silk screened in lieu of a hang tag.

Beyond t-shirts, Dirtball also retails eco-friendly shorts, socks, hoodies, polos and about to launch a “green jean” via a Kickstater campaign.

I would link this t-shirt that they sent me but it is not on their website. Regardless there are plenty of other designs for your choosing.

Dirtball T-shirts – Monetary Damage  $24 USD

Recycle those plastic bottles and perhaps they may be reincarnated as a Dirtball t-shirt that you would be wearing while you recycle the plastic bottle from the beverage that you just consumed. That’s truly a vision of sustainability.

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