Shirt Review: Mine is Yours Apparel

by Heather Abbott on August 25, 2013

Brooklyn-based clothing brand Mine is Yours Apparel has their branding and product on point. The moment I opened their package, I knew that was truth. From their shirt packaging to their branding to their extremely personal letter, everything about their mail package was well executed.



Mine is Yours works with original fine artwork and translates them onto cotton-based t-shirts. The idea is that one could take beautiful art with them anywhere, and not just hang it on their wall at home. The sample received was the “Rooster” print. The hand-printed graphic was originally a colorful acrylic painting, but it still worked well as the monochromatic screen print. The print even included the artist signature (Megan Dorien), a nice detail to the design.


The t-shirt was a Next Level men’s size medium. It’s known that Next Level has been popularly used by many upper-level brands looking to spend less than they would at American Apparel, and the tees still have a premium feel. This one did especially, because of the way it was packaged and branded. In fact, the only negative comment about the packaging worth mentioning would be that the shirt came extremely wrinkled.



Still, one interesting and incredible design detail was the bag of seeds attached to the center back main label. The bag read, “Germinate & Reciprocate,” meaning give back to the world, and inside the bag were random flower seeds for planting.


Receiving this tee from Mine is Yours didn’t feel like an every day purchase, but rather a real and positive brand-consumer experience. The simplest ideas, when executed with thought, can truly make or break a brand. Mine is Yours is doing it right.

  • BeachBumz

    My wife and I love these shirts. They’re stylish and the original artwork is great. If you wear t shirts, Mine Is Yours is where you want to get them from.

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