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by Mr Four Fingers on September 18, 2013

shirts and destroy

Whilst stumbling about the internet on the everlasting hunt for skulls I found this wicked brand called Shirts & Destroy. Most , if not all, of their designs are single colour prints (I assume they are screen prints) on either black or white, with the occasional colour tee. Some of the tees are beasts with regards to intricate patterns like ‘Bones of the Snake’ (first image) where both the front and the back of the t-shirt are patterned in swathes of gold metallic print. You will even find a few Pale Horse designs in their huge catalogue of t-shirt designs. Here is an excerpt from their no bullshit hype  ‘About Us’ section:

“Our mission is to support true underground artists and musicians before their ideas are inevitably co-opted, copied and watered down to be sold in shopping malls.”

We have touched on Shirts & Destroy before with this post by Matt, introducing some new designs by one of their artists David M Cook, who has two of the coolest skull tees I have seen, if not the weirdest.


shirts_and_destroy_2 shirts_and_destroy_7


shirts_and_destroy_17 shirts_and_destroy_1 shirts_and_destroy_3 shirts_and_destroy_15 shirts_and_destroy_11

From what I can tell most of their t-shirts are $26 a pop (older stock is $12-$15) and are generally limited to 100/150 prints per design. There are far too many t-shirts that are calling my name. Visit their online store HERE.

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