Say hello to BÄAS Clothing

by Andy on September 26, 2013

BÄAS Clothing was setup last November by three guys at Loughborough Uni that somehow found out about HYA via a local pizza place, a pizza place that I’ve never ordered from (but keep intending to), so maybe I’m more famous in the local area than I realised!

Lots of logo designs here, which as ever I feel is a bit of a barrier to entry for a brand since you need people to like the logo and name rather than just thinking “hey, that’s a cool design” but there are lots of popular logo-driven companies out there so I’m not one say that it is the wrong approach, it might just make life a bit harder at first. I do really like the shirts with the big designs on the back, I’d quite like to see them with the big design on the front (which the floral A design is as a crew, and it works really well) but that’s just my personal taste and there does seem to be a bit of a trend in the UK for a pocket placement print on the front and going big on the back, so I suspect that this is just one of those cases where the youngsters are moving with the times and I’m getting a bit traditional as I edge closer to 30.

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