Storenvy now let you create custom pages

by Andy on October 17, 2013

One of the things that would put me off using a platform like Storenvy is that even with the large amount of traffic (and therefore sales) that they can send your way the shops can feel a bit cookie-cutter unless you really start hacking away at it, or hire a professional. I don’t like to feel constrained with a platform, which is why Rigu and the HYA shop are on OpenCart, though WooCommerce is tempting too, and I’ve used it on a client project and found it to be decent, and that’s something that I would feel if I were on Big Cartel or Storenvy, you’re playing by their rules and decisions.

It’s great to see them open things up a bit and allow people to make custom pages for their store, it makes the shop itself a bit more of a hub rather than having to fudge it and send people off to an external site to give them info they want (like sizing charts). I think this is a really welcome addition to the offering over there and makes things much more attractive as a store owner, especially since it’s a free service too.

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