8-bit NFL player t-shirts from Fresh Brewed Tees

by Andy on October 25, 2013

Football season is well-under way in the US and I’ve been trying to catch a game every Sunday when I get the chance (we have pretty good coverage here in the UK). I’m not an expert at all, I barely know the rules to be honest, but I do find the game a lot more interesting than most Brits, who tend to dismiss it as a soft version of rugby (when the opposite tends to be true, because American Football players are so padded they will try to hit an opponent as hard as they can, which is why there are so many health issues for players when they retire).

Fresh Brewed Tees are clearly into the NFL in a big way, with a large selection of football tees in their store. I especially liked the 8-bit helmet designs you can see above that are each inspired by some of the names in the league that are so big even I recognise them.

Shirts are $24.99 a piece and available now.

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