Kokotish – Model portrait and baby animal tees from Katia Kokoreva

by Andy on November 5, 2013

When I got an e-mail from Katia Kokoreva and it said “Google me, I’m also a model” I presumed that it was one of those “I’m an aspiring model that’s done one shoot and I’m a pro now” things, but it turns out that she’s actually a proper model that does catwalk shows for big fashion brands that you’ve actually heard of (Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani).

It’s fair to say that Katia has a little bit of experience in the fashion world, and back in 2010 she decided to launch Kokotish in Milan, fast-forward to now and the brand is being relaunched in New York with American made and printed t-shirts. There’s a couple of themes on show; black & white portraits of fellow models which don’t really appeal to me personally, but then I don’t know much about the model world, so why would they? The other shirts feature baby animals (and a bird) which I think are really cute and will have much wider appeal. Tees are $30 for the animals, $35 for the models, and available now.

  • Ashley

    The model shirts are a part of a charity project benefiting Russian orphans.

    “Katia came up with a Models T-shirt collection, where you can order one with me on it or with one of my super gorgeous friends Anna S, Maryna, Magdalena and Sasha. And here is a good part :) 20$ from each sold T-shirt will go to a charity that helps orphans in Russia.”


  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    Ahhhh, she didn’t say!

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