The Open Theme competition returns at Springleap with a $1000 prize!

by Andy on November 21, 2013

You might have noticed that I haven’t mentioned the South African design competition Springleap for a while, and whilst I’m sure they were releasing tees regularly the whole time, it felt from their e-mails like they were focusing more on the branded contests that weren’t necessarily clothing based so I stopped paying good attention to them. However, now that they’re going to be releasing tees on a regular basis again in an open format I’ll be keeping tabs on them again.

For some time now, Springleap has been attracting a wide spread of designers to their branded contests, but designers interested in open theme contests have waited for their open themes to resume. The good news is that they’re back, with a sweet prize.

Having relaunched the contests with ‘Open Theme Strikes Back!’, designs have been rolling in and if those submitted so far are anything to go by, the $1000 prize for the winner of the contest is getting the attention of some top tee designers. These contests will be held every 3 months, in addition to branded contests that offer even bigger prizes. On top of this, the Springleap team has also launched Voxpop – their monthly prize of a $50 tee voucher for the design fan that votes, shares and comments the most.

If you’ve got design or want to share the love, get over to Springleap and check out the work on show!

I do like that idea of rewarding commenters, that should help with community engagement.

  • Hararr

    Awooo, nice prize, so happy to see Springleap bring these back, it’s onnn!

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