Kreio’s Shirts [Submitted]

by Andy on December 9, 2013

Kreio is our passion and our purpose. We have been fortunate to be blessed with strong creative skills and business insight and want to share what we know and who we are with the world. Our goal is to help every creative entrepreneur understand their self worth and embrace the grind of independence so that their talents are not pimped away by 9-5’s or wasted. That they should reap the benefits of their talents, and that they should control what they create and when they work, as well as receive the financial benefits that go along with it.

Our shirts are our creative jab at the industry, while embracing the entrepreneurial grind that we will face day in and day out as artist. We have to maintain our sense of humor and support for one another and this is our way of contributing to the cause.

Andy: Looks like someone went to the Ugmonk school of t-shirt design.

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