Miscito t-shirts (for kids) [Submitted]

by Andy on December 16, 2013

Miscito is a brand with a powerful message. While we are dedicated to creating quality clothing, we are here to make more than just a fashion statement. We want Miscito kids to understand that our brand is about relevancy. It is about the world we live in. And it’s about how we are all inseparably connected, for better or for worse.

We begin our journey with 4 limited edition t-shirts. They are original, quirky and all feature distinct interpretations of our Miscito hero. They have been designed by unique artists who are committed to making kids stand out! Miscito products are designed exclusively for children and our fun designs will make kids the envy of their friends.

Our goal is to create a stylish brand that transcends time and trends. We believe that children’s clothing should be timeless. In this throwaway society it’s too easy to buy cheap and disposable outfits for a handful of uses; we want our brand to stick. We make our products from the finest materials so that they won’t wear out, and we do that for a reason. We want Miscito to last, we want parents to get the best value for their money and we want children to take satisfaction in owning a quality product. Miscito is quality with a message.

Miscito brand t-shirts come with a world-scope message that kids can bond with and that parents can be proud to support—malaria awareness. Most malaria deaths are among children and Miscito plans to donate a part of all its proceeds to a worthy non-profit organization involved in the worldwide fight against the disease.

Andy: Looks like these guys were meant to be opening yesterday but from the looks of their site they’re not quite ready. Hopefully somethng will be up soon though since it’s a pretty cool idea.

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