DUE – digitally printed t-shirts [Submitted]

by Andy on January 7, 2014

These unique digitally printed t-shirts come from Lithuanian fashion label ‘Due.’ They have released a series of vivid tees using satellite image captures of earth.

One can find landscapes of all kinds around the globe, from glaciers to deserts. Some of the colors are definitely enhanced, and don’t seem very natural, but again, this is fashion design, not a documentary.

The irritating thing with prints on t-shirts is that they either wash out or feel like a big sticker. ‘Due’ seems to have solved this problem by using a technical fabric that’s usually found in professional sportswear garments. These fabrics are synthetic in nature, but are more breathable, dry out faster and are extremely comfortable to wear in all conditions.

Andy: Wow, this is really cool, a fresh concept and I think this is the first time I’ve had a submission from Lithuania too, double win!

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