S6 BOY new label launch [Submitted]

by Andy on January 13, 2014

S6 BOY is a creative extension of owner/creative Harry Syed’s passion for hip hop, funky beats, club culture, grafitti, pop art, falling off skateboards and the place he was born and raised.

The first line is all about the “GOLD CHAIN”, a hip hop style statement since RUN DMC in 80s and still a staple today. The T-shirts and sweatshirt feature the S6 BOY Smiler logo with a fat gold rope chain. As it’s winter there are also beanies embroidered with the label’s number plate logo.

All of these pieces are made on a limited run and are available at the online store www.s6boy.com. Exclusive 10% discount code for all hide your Arms readers “HYA2014“.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!

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