T-Shirts for the 99% from MQ Apparel [Submitted]

by Andy on January 16, 2014

Our T-Shirts protest our Do Nothing Washington Politicians and Wall Street Greed.

Our company’s name MQ Apparel is derived from our fearless leader Mark Ques’tion. His story can be seen on our Home Page or on our Facebook Fan Page https://www.Facebook.com/MQApparel.

Andy: This is a really poor submission. The website doesn’t load, and the t-shirt designs aren’t thought out very well. Why are they all on iPhone mockups? Why have a ‘fearless leader’ then the 99%/Occupy Wall Street movement seems to be very much against having a leader? Are they making profit out of this venture or do profits go to a charity trying to change things? Are their t-shirts ethically made? If you’re going to run a t-shirt company that fights something like Wall Street greed you’ve got to be sure that you keep things clean and aren’t exploiting anyone yourself, these are questions about MQ Apparel I have that can’t be answered since their site isn’t up, which makes this brand a lot like one of the main criticisms of the movement itself, all style and no substance.

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