Solid Gold Death Mask

by Mr Four Fingers on February 10, 2014

Solid Gold Death Mask t-shirt


Solid Gold Death Mask is a new comic book series by the amazingly talented Rufus Dayglo. If the name does not ring a bell then just think ‘Tank Girl’. Rufus took over over the Tank Girl comic book reigns from Jamie Hewlett and has since went on to smash out  no less than 6 awesome series. Daylgo also draws a bit o’ Dredd for 2000 AD and even designs toys with Ashley Wood from ThreeA toys. Sleep is not an option.

Loving his style made it easy to buy one of his t-shirts, even though it’s printed on Gildan Heavy which is not a favourite of mine. I does state in the label that it’s “heavy cotton’ though it’s definitely not as thick or heavy as I was expecting which is a relief. As Rufus’ t-shirt are not a part of a brand there is no form of branding on the t-shirt apart from the main print. It’s all very basic. The t-shirt only costs £15 and as you know if you are a apparel brand that packaging, branding and all the little extras start to add up with regards to cost of final product.



The design is a single colour screen print. It does not have a lot of hand which I was not expecting either and I’m not sure what the ink is as it’s not thick or sticky like plastisol ink but more dry which I’m guessing will fade a little after time. Can you water down plastisol for certain effects?I reckon this will only enhance character of the design. Feel free to comment on how this ‘dry’ print is achieved.

Be sure to nab on one these tees for £15 or grab on his prints (I have one on my wall)


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