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by Andy on February 25, 2014

(CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, February 17, 2014) New H2O Clothing Company is a brand new Christian lifestyle brand looking to change the landscape of Christian clothing.

According to founder Nick Chow, “We love God and want to inspire everyone around us. This clothing line was created to motivate others using scripture. We pull out inspiration and motivation from the Bible to engage today’s culture. We really wanted to make clothing that is authentic and would inspire people to ask us questions about our faith.”

The brand launched with three t-shirts: H2O Classic, Light Overcomes Darkness, and No Days Off which will be available for purchase exclusively on
Plans are already underway to introduce new designs to the opening line-up. Future shirts will be available for limited time periods, depending on the shirt.

Be sure to follow New H2O Clothing Company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for exclusive giveaways and information regarding the brand.

To find out more:
Twitter: @newH2Oco
Instagram: @newH2O

Andy: Those are some nice tees, looks like these guys are off to a good start. As usual with a Christian brand it’s good to not see them ramming a message down my throat. As ever I would like to see real photos of the tees being shown on the site instead of the mockups, it baffles me why brands spend all that money on stock and then don’t show it off in the best way possible.

  • Nick Chow

    Thanks for the review Andy! In the future we will send you real photos. We have a bunch on our Instagram account but when we sent out the designs we used mockups. We are learning here and I really appreciate the constructive criticism. Thank you for the positive review regarding the message. Like you said, we aren’t trying to ram Christian values upon people. We just want to engage culture and promote a motivated lifestyle. The inspiration for the tees do come from biblical principals and I think it is interesting that we can use those principals to promote a positive lifestyle.

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