Milk UKs impressive new release

by Andy on March 5, 2014



This isn’t a submitted post but Matty over at Milk did a great job on his blurb so I’m going to copy/paste that here to help speed things along.

The new line features 4 Crew neck sweatshirts and 1 hoodie and a phone case.

Two of the crews feature our ‘Ornate Drop’ design which looks very traditional when seen from a distance, but when on close inspection you can see the overall design is made up of all things milk! Including; cows, spoons, milk bottle etc.

Our Script hood is a very comfortable garment which includes our custom cast milk bottle drawstring ends! This along with the red accents creates a really looking piece and a great talking point.

All of our garments have stepped up to custom finishing such as our care labels and bottle size tags.

It’s very rare for a brand to do custom drawstring ends on a hoodie, most big brands don’t even do that, so it’s especially impressive considering how young Milk is. That kind of evolution from a brand is great to see, who knows what they’ll come up with next time!

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